230 Picture Injected Cutlery Set

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230 picture injected series adopts injection technique to inject a plastic flake with picture printed into the handle, and the material of handle is food grade K-resin material. The greatest advantage is water will not permeate into the handle. Besides, the picture can be based on customer’s design to create the delighting and satisfying cutlery for use




Size:  Dinner Knife 21.2cm / Dinner Spoon 20.2cm /
     Dinner Fork 20.2cm / Teaspoon 15.2cm
Material:  18/0 Stainless Steel, K-resin Food-Safety Plastic


70℃ Heating-resistance & Dishwasher Safe。Please clean the flatware with water & dry cloth before the 1st use. For use at ordinary times, please wash with the neutral sanitizer, polish with the clean cloth, and put it in well ventilated place. It would extend the flatware usage.


Please don't close to the fire source, don't put and use in microwave oven and etc


Made In Taiwan


  • Different materials combined
  • Safe, light and handy in use
  • Stainless steel sleeve, not electroplate
  • High quality polishing
  • ISO 9001 Certificated
  • Tensile strength of the cutlery: 137 kgs tested
  • Resistance to breakage values: 19 kgs tested
  • SGS dishwasher safe
  • OEM service