Life Series-Restore

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Have you ever lost something?

Happy times, carefree moments, romantic interludes or memorable events from your life?

We've all thought about it at one time or another - Restore

The artist uses a cylindrical cup that is bent out of shape as a metaphor for our life, day or health. Our years of hardship have made it go out of whack and become bent. 

The human shape represents our heart or will… trying all it can to restore the rightful order of things…

"Life Series- Restore" received the "Best Creativity", "Creative Aesthetics" and "Star Product" awards at the Yingge Ceramics Museum's 2007 Selected Exhibition of New Ceramic Works.




Restore – Coffee/Herbal Tea set 200ml
Restore – Mug 350ml
Restore – Tea set (1 teapot, 2 tea cups)