Taiwanese Spoon

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Taiwanese spoon is designed for Asian cuisine custom. We deepen the scoop of spoon in order to increase using convenience. The capacity is also doubled and tripled compared with regular ones, and the thick handle and thin scoop are our special and unique designs. Taiwanese spoon looks like elegant flatware due to both sides are ground to strengthen its safety. About the material, we choose stainless steel 18/8 and polished with high quality. It looks simple but not a truth at all.



We have two size options for adults and children.




Length: 18.5 cm for adult/ 14.6 cm for child
Material: stainless steel 18/8
Original:  Made In Taiwan

Use and Care

Wash method: Dishwasher Safe. Please wash it with neutral detergent and dry by air.
Use and care: Not close to fire or put in microwave, oven or oil pot.
User age: Above 7 years old children and adults.


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